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Panel Session at the 2021 IEEE Conference on Games (16th August 2021)

"Academia or industry? Why I decided to work in game industry."

This event is co-organised by the IEEE CIS Games Technical Committee and IEEE CIS Students Activities Sub-Committee.

Date and time:

1-3pm (CET), 16th August 2021


Zoom meeting (


  • Jialin Liu (She/her), Southern University of Science and Technology, China
  • Diego Perez-Liebana, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Invited speakers:

  • Wei Bi (She/her), Tencent AI Lab, China
  • Christoffer Holmgård,, Copenhagen
  • Hongliang Li, ByteDance, China
  • Chang Liu (She/her), NetEase Fuxi, China
  • Zhihao Lyu,, China

Bio of speakers:

Wei Bi

Wei Bi is a Senior Researcher at Tencent AI Lab. She received her PhD degree in computer science from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is an awardee of the Google PhD Fellowship and Google Anita Borg Scholarship. Wei's work at Tencent focuses on the research and industrial applications on text generation in NLP. She has more than 30 publications on top conferences and journals on NLP and AI with more than 1000 citations. Her proposed models have been used to support many Tencent's products, including dialogue systems, virtual human, and auto-commentating systems of Tencent's MOBA games.

Christoffer Holmgård

Christoffer is one of the co-founders and CEO of, as well as a Doctor of Philosophy in Artificial Intelligence and Procedural Content Generation. Christoffer has a stellar track record as a game researcher, artificial intelligence researcher, and game developer, forming his very first game development company in 2008, Duck and Cover Games ApS. In 2011, Christoffer joined the award winning game studio Die Gute Fabrik as a Partner and Managing Director, becoming the Chair of the Board of Directors in 2020. During his tenure, the studio secured more than 22 industry nominations and awards, including the GDC Innovation Award and the IndieCade Grand Jury Award. Christoffer holds a BA degree in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen and an MSc in Media technology from The IT University of Copenhagen. In 2015, Christoffer earned a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Procedural Content Generation from The IT University of Copenhagen and further earned a post-doctorate in Game Engineering from New York University.

Hongliang Li

Hongliang Li is currently the team leader of ByteDance Game AI. He received his Ph.D. degree from University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has over five years of experience in applying deep learning and reinforcement learning to play and create games.

Chang Liu

Chang Liu is a game designer at NetEase Fuxi. Chang has been working mainly on applications of virtual human and NLP for 4 years. Chang used to work on an undisclosed AI program at Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group for 2 years, trying to bring virtual characters to life, which unfortunately got finally cut off. In 2019, Chang joined NetEase Fuxi,which is the first game artificial intelligence research institution in China, and had shipped dozens of AI applications for NetEase game products. Chang has been working on Fuxi Studio's own AI-driven game since 2020, trying to integrate Fuxi's AI technologies and procedurally content generation into the game.

Zhihao Lyu

Zhihao Lyu is a research scientist at His research focuses on reinforcement learning, imitation learning, computer vision and interdisciplinary applications at the intersection between game and machine learning. At, we have successfully applied advanced AI technologies into different games such as FPS, MOBA, RTS, SLG, etc. We aim to optimize the interactions between virtual world and each player, to bring the next generation game experience.